Paris is a post-apocalyptic hellhole of public urination and litter.


Despite its extraordinary charms, the City of Light can also feel like an anarchic, post-apocalyptic hellhole – people litter, spit and pee freely in the streets, as if the city were their personal lavatory, bin and ashtray combined.

  • Hard Little Machine

    In 1995 in typically Gallic fashion, after the metro bombing, the city bolted shut EVERY single trash can in the city. But they never made any plans to pick up the trash people were now free to throw on the ground. In August.

  • simus1

    French culture is “different”.
    At one time a bureaucracy was created to be in charge of approving “invention proposals”. That is, to be clear, anyone with any inventive thought was not to proceed beyond submitting a bare bones outline of the idea to the officials who in their wisdom would say “go ahead, but stop at point x and inform us of your additional thinking on the matter. Or more often, forbid any further action.

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      • Frances

        There was a trial in 2012 when six scientists were convicted of manslaughter because they didn’t properly assess the risk ahead of the 2009 L’Aquila earthquake. They were later aquitted on appeal.

  • DMB
  • The Deplorable Frau Katze

    Europe is becoming a theme park, except it’s grungy.

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    • Clausewitz

      For a culture that prides themselves on heritage and history, the thing that struck me most from my recent holiday in Europe was the graffiti. It was everywhere, and 90% of it muslim graffiti.