One Woman Dared Question The Concept Of ‘Cultural Appropriation’ And The Left Went Berserk


Remember last week when a delicate leftist snowflake couldn’t handle the fact that a prominent fiction writer told other fiction writers that “cultural appropriation” was a stupid fad meant to censor people from exploring the experiences of others?

Now, the full text of the speech – given by American author Lionel Shriver at the Brisbane Writers Festival in Australia – has been made public (if you have time, read the whole thing. It’s fantastic!)

  • Fabulous!

    • xavier

      Larry Correa at

      Has one of the best articles on the net on the talk. The comments are just as hilarious

      Larry’s an author and many authors have chimed in.
      It’seems very refreshing to read

  • disqusW6sf

    Inspiring article. Never read anything of Shriver’s until now. I’ll try Big brother.

  • Frances

    Everyone, but everyone, wears the kilt. Are the Scots complaining? Heck, no, they’re exporting the “real thing” like crazy and making a killilng.