I do wish people would be candid. Cheap labour is a huge reason why things are made elsewhere:

When an inventor creates a product and wants to get it made, they often can’t afford the cost of building their own. So, they are forced to subcontract a company that already has a manufacturing facility – which, unless it is for food or alcohol, are frequently abroad.

“It is just easier to go where they make things already,” said Ryder.

Ryder said the other issue is that there is often a dearth of workers with the right skills. 

As trade was liberalized and manufacturing moved overseas, workers who have the specialized technical skills to create products have also disappeared and now congregate where the factories exist.

And Canadian companies are faced with the challenge of training workers from scratch, which takes longer and could delay vital initial profits.

Ryder said once a country loses these parts of the supply chain “it is very hard to get it back,” noting that many have pushed for the federal government to bail out embattled aerospace manufacturer Bombardier so that its technical knowledge remains in Canada.

“It is not that we can’t reproduce that, but it is very expensive to reproduce it and a company would have to then work that into their cost of doing business,” he said.

“And so far, it is just easier in a global economy to go elsewhere.”

  • Alain

    Even though I object to outsourcing jobs abroad, I recognise that unions with no right to work law, government interference and minimum wages are enough to force even the most patriotic business to look elsewhere.

  • Canadian Born

    Senior Trudeau started this back in 1970. He said he felt sorry for the Chinese people not working and sent our zipper making to them to have them working. He was only concerned with lining his own pockets as is his evil son is doing now. If it was Juniors’ money only supporting refugees and taxpayers money going to help the homeless in Canada I think I would be all right with it. I sure wish he would go to speech therapy because when he talks it is like nails scratching on a chalk board.

  • lgeubank

    “Cheap labour is a huge reason why things are made elsewhere.”

    Good luck getting anybody to admit that. All the smart-aleck U.S. pundits think it’s just wonderful that we have exported our manufacturing infrastructure to China, etc. They worship their own economic brilliance and the Moloch of “free trade.”

    Canada’s smarties are probably much the same.

    • I have yet to see how this benefits even the slave labourers.

  • simus1

    There are serious cultural problems in the marketplace and workplace which trace all the way back to the great depression and post WW2 scarcity. There are problems being caused today by foolish enviro appliance standards for electricity consumption.

  • Minicapt

    And the formerly ascendent industrial unions are now surpassed in size and influence by the teachers and public service unions, etc.