Migrants claiming asylum in Germany have been taking HOLIDAYS in the countries they are ‘fleeing’ – paid for with benefits cash


Officials are now investigating how often refugees are vacationing in their homeland, having previously said they are fleeing persecution.

  • Jim Horne

    Who here thinks that the political class in the west is out to lunch? How stupid can these people be?

    • Surele Surele

      and ‘we’ vote them in year after year after year…enough already!

      • When you get down to the real problem – it is stupid voters.

        • barryjr

          Exactly, and the average voter doesn’t have enough sense to pour pee out of a boot and has zero desire to educate themselves.

  • Editor

    The logical conclusion to Merkel’s open door policy. Way more economic migrants than true refugees. Merkel herself is quoted in the article referring to “migrants” and not refugees, admits they need further education, which will be paid for by the state and admits to “local problems”. A successful initiative by her twisted Euro-metrics I guess.

  • mauser 98

    !!?? this should be forwarded every where

  • Norman_In_New_York

    These invaders know a sucker in the chancellor’s office when they see and hear one.

  • Ottawa Eyes

    Never mind all the refugees and immigrants in Canada who are on benefits who permanently move back home without the government knowing and continue to receive handouts at taxpayers’ expense.

    Ask any social worker over a few drinks and they will boast about it!

    • Remember the 2006 Lebanese-Canadian airlift — they were living permanently in their original country of birth for crumb’s sake, but happened to acquire dual citizenship with Canada. And Canada paid for their “emergency” evacuation from one of the most stable countries of the Middle East. I can guarantee that all them have since returned to live in Lebanon again now that it is back to normal.

      Canada keeps repeating the mistakes of the past. The Government in January 2016 had a similar airlift of Syrian “refugees”. They didn’t airlift Yazidis, and Christians, and minority Shia who are caught in ISIS territory or members of these minorities fleeing the genocide. Although Canada certainly could still do that but it would require the help of the Canadian military — ISIS kills people who flee. Instead, Justin is bringing in Syrians who are not in any immediate danger and who themselves have a history of persecuting the minorites.

  • tom_billesley

    Switzerland has a similar situation with their Eritrean invaders.
    The migrants are threatened with “loss of status”, but of course cannot possibly be repatriated as the Eritrean government won’t cooperate.

  • mobuyus

    Don’t worry if the shit hits the fan in their vacation paradise, the parasites will be repatriated to their hosts in the custom they have grown accustomed to.

  • barryjr

    Don’t worry under PM Shithead this is going to be the norm here as well.

  • Alain

    The same thing has been going on in Canada for years. Anyone remember all those “refugees” from Sri Lanka who also went back on a regular basis on vacation? There have been others from other places. I won’t even bother going into detail about all those “Palestinian refugees/immigrants” who through some kind of magic obtained Canadian citizenship only to live in the Middle East. That is until Israel finally had enough of their terrorism and attacks and took action resulting in screams and cries for Canada to evacuate them from the dangerous area.

  • tom_billesley
  • simus1

    It’s just another racket.
    Like Global Warming and lots of other scams the empire builders within governments find work to their benefit.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    The press was screaming and yelling about these poor? people until the gutless govt. gave in. They know how stupid the general population can be. The love to put themselves on a pedastle but it’s just a pile of shit.