Laughing and smiling at a German beer festival: Syrian “refugee” who is accused of being an ISIS sleeper cell member

Obviously well screened…

This is the grinning face of a Syrian terrorist German authorities say was part of a ‘sleeper’ cell ready to carry out attacks in Europe.

This photo shows the teenager smiling alongside friends at what is thought to be a beer festival in Reinfelt, northern Germany, earlier this year.

As he enjoyed himself, he was oblivious to the fact that security forces were monitored and that his phone had been tapped.

  • Gary

    What about Jean Chretien right after 9/11 when he went to the Ottawa mosque to assure muslims that islam had noting to do with terrorism but in the photo of him with muslim Clerics the people at the FBI spotted a wanted Head of a Global Terrorism ring that he once ran from the middle east but moved to Canada for protection.
    We have the same Liberal media Party as Obama has that covers for him and is islamophilic to avoid linked a devout mosque going quran reading terrorist to being a muslim.

    Justin promised the CBC an additional $600 Million plus in his first term as PM if he gets elected…….he got elected and now the CEO and Board members at the CBC are going down on Justin’s member , this while their muslim super star male was allowed to beat-up and rape non-muslim white women which isn’t racism to the CBC or misogyny.

    The law is for non-liberal taxpayers and not leftist liberal progressive parasites that we see breaking the laws every year .

  • BillyHW

    Don’t worry everybody, John McCallum said he’s personally going to attend every Canadian Oktoberfest celebration in order to keep a watchful eye to protect you.

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    Good job Germans keep it that way.