It’s On! Congress Moves To Impeach Obama Crony…America Is Cheering!


In the unprecedented drama of this election campaign, even some conservative political junkies have probably forgotten about the IRS Tea Party scandal.

Somewhat incredibly, not everyone on Capitol Hill has let the controversy fade into history. They still want justice done, even if the odds are against them at this point.

  • Tokenn

    Seems to me there’s a lot people are forgetting about…or at least not emphasizing. For eg. is it possible that Trump would make worse choices for the Supreme Court than Clinton? Is it even _conceivable_ that he’d make worse choices? This is something that would last far longer than any presidential term and have huge repercussions. IMO this alone is almost reason enough to vote Trump…

    • BillyHW

      The margin of victory will be less than the number of women voters PMSing on election day. If you think logic, reason and “issues” will matter, you are a fool.

    • That is the single most important reason that Hillary must not be elected. Justices keep doing damage for decades.

    • andycanuck

      Trump’s also released a list of 11 possible selections made with guidance from Jeff Sessions.

  • Brett_McS

    If Trump wins – and that would probably mean the Republicans retaining Congress – they should prosecute a swag of people starting with Hillary, the directors of the FBI, the IRS, the EPA etc etc, all the way down. It’s the only way to reinstate accountability.

    • BillyHW

      Hillary must be prosecuted for her crimes.

  • They just announced a late night compromise – no impeachment. Thank god the
    Republic is saved!

    • Alain


  • andycanuck

    The brave conservatives have conceded to the GOPe wing and are now “settling” for a hearing only and not impeachment.

    But at least they’re not supporting Trump. He’s not a conservative, you know. /sarc

    • Alain

      Again just totally disgusting!!!!

  • Dana Garcia

    Funny how these lazy Republicans perk up now that the elections are coming in a few months.

    Judgement at the hands of the dissatisfied voters focuses the mind so clearly!