Extremists are getting younger: Canadian counter-terrorist police investigated minors as young as 13

Over the past two to three years, Canadian counter-terrorism police have found themselves investigating minors as young as 13 — members of the online generation engrossed in extremism, some of them turned in by their families.

  • Gary

    Someone tell the RCMP that the quran makes it clear that every male 13 and older is a warrior for allah and must do Jihad for his cause even if it starts as Dawah and taqiyyah to fool the unbelievers as you plot against them .

  • H

    That’s the pattern, isn’t it? The younger generations are worse (ie, more pious and observant) than the preceding ones. Just wait to the kids in the strollers now – from all those “refugees” that JT has brought in – reach their teens. The good times will surely roll!

  • Jim Horne

    I found the video of Australian PM, Malcolm Turnbull’s, giving his take on the evolving nature of terrorism and on the new legislation his party will introduce in Australia (Control Orders for Minors) contrasts sharply with our Sunny Ways PM, Trudeau.

    Sydney father stabbed because he ’embodied Australian culture’

  • Hard Little Machine

    The penalty for all of them must be public hanging. age is no matter at all.

  • Barrington Minge

    Double tap to the head with the old 9mm still works on little thugs.