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justin-trudeau-isna-ip_0Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s Pandering to Islamists

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s penchant for pandering to Islamists was on full display this week when he visited the Ottawa Muslim Association’s mosque Monday whose lead imam is a member of group which has been designated as a terrorist organization abroad.

Trudeau visited the mosque in honor of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha.

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 11: Democratic presidental nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leaves the home of her daughter Chelsea Clinton on September 11, 2016 in New York City. Hillary Clinton left a September 11 Commemoration Ceremony early after feeling overheated and went to her daughter's house to rest. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The Medical Cover-Up Surrounding Hillary Clinton

One day before her collapse, The Washington Post had accused Donald J. Trump of being a sexist for questioning her health. After the health debacle, the Post tried to give the impression that it was finally investigating with a story headlined, “Hillary Clinton has not been quick to share health information.” The story failed to note that one of the biggest concerns involves the fact that the FBI documents released in her email investigation said she couldn’t remember receiving a briefing on handling classified information. The story also didn’t mention the email she received about Provigil, a drug to treat symptoms of Parkinson’s.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un attends the first congress of the country's ruling Workers' Party in 36 years, in Pyongyang, North Korea, in this photo taken by Kyodo May 9, 2016. Mandatory credit Kyodo/via REUTERS ATTENTION EDITORS - THIS IMAGE WAS PROVIDED BY A THIRD PARTY. EDITORIAL USE ONLY. MANDATORY CREDIT. JAPAN OUT. NO COMMERCIAL OR EDITORIAL SALES IN JAPAN.

Kim Jong-un ‘has enough uranium for 20 nukes THIS YEAR’

Friday’s explosion was the fifth and biggest test carried out since dictator Kim Jong-un came to power in 2011.

In response South Korean president Park Geun-hye vowed it would annihilate the state the “very second the North fires even one nuke at us”.

She has also pledged to continue the construction of a nuclear shield, which it is hoped would shoot down missiles before they reached the South.

isis-jihadistMoronic Analysis of the Islamic State from Bloomberg News

Linked below is a video from Bloomberg News about the expanding global threat from the Islamic State.

While the video acknowledges that attacks attributed to supporters of the Islamic State or Islamic State Jihadis themselves have accelerated and expanded around the world, it totally ignores Islamic doctrine in drawing a conclusion based upon the spin of the Obama administration.

That spin, echoed by the video, maintains that the reason the Islamic State is carrying out attacks in places like San Bernardino, California and Paris is because the Islamic State is losing in Iraq and Syria. So, the absurd narrative goes, the more attacks around the world that occur, the closer we are to victory.

dhaka-blood-2Blood runs through streets of Dhaka

Thousands of livestock animals are killed for the event every year and their meat is usually eaten or given to the poor.

This year, sacrifices were supposed to be done in locations designated by the city authorities but many residents are reported to have ignored the rules and carried them out in their own properties or neighbourhoods.

uclaStudent sends angry list of demands to roommates she hasn’t met yet

Going to university for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience. Will you enjoy the course? Will you make friends? Will you get stuck living with someone with a terrifying hair-trigger temper?

That particular concern might not affect everyone – but that seems to be the fate of UCLA freshman Winnie Chen, according to a tweet of hers that’s gone viral this week.

muslim-slaughter-of-sheep-1-resizedMuslims Cut the Throats and Torch the Heads of 1,000 Sheep in One Canadian Town Alone

The spirit was festive for Eid al-Adha, or Feast of the Sheep, a celebration where a lamb is sacrificed as an offering. After cutting the throat of a thousand sheep in a field in the municipality of L’Avenir, near Drummondville, Muslims prepared meat. burning the head and legs with a torch. while they were still alive. The men fraternized, children were playing ball and the women were having discussions amongst themselves. Michel Cloutier, the sheep livestock owner who lives on Ployard way, has however been very discreet. “This allows them to keep their traditions, I’m just here to sell them their sheep,” he said briefly.

hijab-emojiTeen pushes for creation of hijab emoji

When Rayouf Alhumedhi’s friends wanted to identify themselves to one another in a WhatsApp group chat, they didn’t rely on their names. Instead, each friend used an emoji. “My friends, who don’t wear the headscarf, they found something.” Alhumedhi said. “For me? I had to opt to not use an image of a woman wearing a headscarf. Because there isn’t one.”

And that is something the 15-year-old high school student decided to change. The teenager, who lives in Berlin and is originally from Saudi Arabia, is the lead author on a new proposal for a hijab emoji to the Unicode Consortium, the nonprofit that governs the creation and approval of emoji.

hate-copsBlack Lives Matter Leader Robbed, Demands More Police Protection

Houston ABC affiliate KTRK reported last week that a graduate student at the University of Houston was robbed at gunpoint outside his off-campus apartment. The victim, Jerry Ford, Jr., is identified as “one of the leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement.” That’s the organization that popularized chants like “Pigs in a blanket/fry ’em like bacon” and elevated cop killer Assata Shakur (aka Joanne Chesimard) to hero status.

1-german-migrantscmGermans back mandatory education for refugees

Three-quarters of those questioned also favored mandatory language classes for refugees, while a majority said refugee children should be obliged to start kindergarten at age three to improve integration, according to the survey released Wednesday by the Ifo Institure in Munich.

Half of those polled also said asylum seekers who started educational training in Germany should have the right to stay in the country for two years after completion of the program, even if their asylum request was rejected.