Black Lives Matter Sells Black Slaves to the Left


Last week, Black Lives Matter shut down London City Airport. The London in the UK, not the ones in Kentucky, Texas or Arkansas.

Why? To protest Global Warming.

You might be scratching your head at that one, but according to Black Lives Matter its activists were protesting Global Warming because the weather hurts black people more. But to confuse matters more most of the Black Lives Matter protesters chanting “Climate Change is Racist” in London were white.

  • V10_Rob

    Stop trying to logically analyze the SJW activist types on the left. It’s impossible. All you’re doing is driving yourself nuts trying to find their rhyme and reason.

    They don’t have a plan or strategy or unified theory about anything beyond satisfying their ego in the extreme short term. It doesn’t matter if what they’re talking about has no basis in reality or their proposals are pure fantasy. Their only objective is to get that little endorphin hit that comes from acting on their feelings.