BAD TIMING: Hillary Clinton to Appear in October Issue of ‘Women’s Health’ Magazine


Hillary Clinton suffered a serious health scare over the weekend, nearly collapsing at a 9/11 anniversary event in Manhattan. We later learned she had been diagnosed with pneumonia and was canceling a number of events after being advised by her doctor to get some rest.

In light of these events, it’s a little awkward that Hillary will be featured in next month’s issue of Women’s Health magazine.

  • infedel

    These cultural marxists are past their due date and out of their mind if they think we will buy this nonsense.

  • Martin B

    Bad timing you say?

    • My God.

    • B__2

      Yes, the same thing that made dead people photograph well in Victorian-era post-mortem photography, in comparison to live relatives in the same picture. Absolute rock solid steadiness. Combine this with the dead’s lack of embarrassing off-the-cuff comments or any dalliances with interns; voilà!

  • B__2

    “Some people’s purpose in life is to be an example of what not to be and what not to do.”

    Hillary might be to Women’s Health magazine what William Hung was to American Idol. Every other person in the magazine looks so much better because of her inclusion.
    Just like Obama has ensured that Jimmy Carter won’t be remembered as the US’s worst president ever.

  • mauser 98

    …fear in their eyes

    Clinton Attack Dog Offers To Pay For Dirt On Donald Trump
    David Brock is offering to pay tipsters for dirt on Donald Trump.
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    • Alain

      No need to hire anyone to find dirt on the Clintons and Obama.

      • Clausewitz

        The MSM still think they are the gate keepers of news. Someone needs to tell them about the internet.

  • simus1

    “nearly collapsing” sounds like a bit more positive thinking from the Dead Parrot Sketch seller.

  • Oops.

  • JoKeR

    With her lagging poll numbers, I am waiting for Hillary’s election team to “find” women to make scurrilous rape claims against Trump.

    It is part of the Liberal playbook.

  • lolwut?

    Picture of Hillary’s motorcade after she returned after the faceplant.

    Note the 3rd last vehicle.

  • Minicapt

    Still don’t see the “bad timing” aspect of this.