Arsonists increasingly target refugee shelters in Germany


According to the Federal Police Office, more than 700 cases have been registered so far this year.

  • simus1

    Wonder if FOS dw ever covers the trials of refugee arsonists, rapists, etc, and their sentences, if any ?

  • Dana Garcia

    Are the Germans trying to send Merkel a message?

    Interestingly, a couple years of reasonable weekly rallies from PEGIDA didn’t make a dent in her thick skull.

    • Millie_Woods

      Being governed by leftists is bad enough but leftist women are the absolute worst.

  • ntt1

    This is a comparatively peaceable response to the idiotic wilful blindness of the German ruling class,
    It is mild compared to what’s coming

  • Reader

    So much for current events.

    Now is the time for a relaxing musical interlude.

  • Middle Englander

    Well, there’s a surprise then.

  • Shebel


  • lolwut?

    A good number of the arsons are Muslims themselves burning down the shelters in the hopes they get moved to apartments.