Le Pen predicts the end of the EU with Frexit


Marine Le Pen has dealt a crippling blow to the European Union declaring that she will hold a referendum to decide whether France remains in the Union if she becomes president.

  • FactsWillOut

    One thing I would enjoy more than just watching the EU collapse is watching the Eurocrats dance the hemp fandango.

    • Oh I suspect that day may come.

      • EU collapse and/or civil war, you can be sure something is coming.

        But I prefer to dance the hemp fandango just before loading up the 9mm.

  • Brett_McS

    And if she doesn’t achieve the votes required for Frexit she should call another referendum ….

  • Barrington Minge

    Yeah!!! Go girl!!!

  • DMB

    Brexit, Frexit, Grexit, Itexit, Spexit, Poexit, etc, until there is no more EU.

    • ntt1

      This xit suffix is getting as tedious as the ‘gate suffix after watergate
      Time for an xit xit

  • ntt1

    I gained immense respect after watching le pen verbally slap down a smug virtue signalling radio Canada harpy.I think she is not only France’s best shot but very likely the last shot before civil war erupts from the banlieus

  • canminuteman

    That declaration makes the next election a referendum on the EU. Should be interesting.