Pope Francis pays tribute to slain French priest…

Pope Francis has held a special Mass to honor Father Jacques Hamel, the French priest killed by Islamic extremists at his altar in July. The pontiff urged all religions to denounce killing in God’s name as “satanic.”

You hear that? You rowdy Amish?

  • Editor

    “The denial is strong in this one” in my best Darth Vader voice.
    Better than nothing I guess . . .

  • FactsWillOut

    “…killing in God’s name as “satanic.””
    So, he finally came out and admitted that he thinks Allah is God.

  • Dana Garcia

    The uber-pacifist pope can’t possibly be speaking ill of the Religion Of Peace!

  • Raymond Cameron

    He forgot to stress that the muslims are the real victims….

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    The “backlash”!
    Did he mention the backlash?
    Did he even say the words Islam or Muslim?

  • It took him a while.

    Perhaps he might zero in on the real cause of global terrorism in the coming months.

  • Global warming also causes global warming.

    It’s some heavily scientifical thing that maybe Neil deGrasse Tyson can figure out. 🙂