Gunter: Tory race is all minnows now

Recently several readers have asked why I haven’t commented yet on the federal Tory race to replace Stephen Harper.

Short answer: The convention isn’t until next May.

Longer, less-satisfying answer: It doesn’t matter. So far there are nothing but minnows in the race. And even if big names had entered the race, no one running is likely to beat the Liberals next time anyway.

  • Jim Horne

    How true is this?

    “And Ontario? Well, the less said about the state of provincial conservatism in Ontario the better… since Mike Harris left office in 2002, his old party has insisted on electing a succession of leaders each weaker than the one before.”

    • I am not sure any leader could win. The kleptocracy has a near stranglehold on Ontario.

  • vimy

    A minnow with some backbone would be better than some big name jellyfish

    • FactsWillOut

      Now, now, we all know that conservatives cannot push through conservative legislation with the same zeal that the libtards push through libtard legislation, as it would violate the rights of the burocrat/admin classes to enslave us all, rights that the conservatives also feel to be sacrosanct.

  • mauser 98

    what decent qualified person wants to humiliate them selves before a rabid pack of hyena media
    ..and 80% of your own party are spineless traitors..Fed & Provincial

    o/t………. Guccifer…perhaps good news

  • Spatchcocked

    It beats all.
    Who could have imagined in anything other than a marihuana induced addled reverie that an impossibly juvenile narcissist possessed of not even the minimal talents to actually be the leader of a state and its people could be at the helm of a nations policy for eight years.
    What a degraded decadent impractical people WE have become in so few years.
    These Trudeaus and this Liberal party are a pestilence upon this land.

    • Waffle

      Divine retribution, perhaps, for our willful stupidity, greed and inattention to taking care of business?

    • We have the media and the 38% who actually voted that idiot to blame.

    • H

      This decline has not occurred in a few short years: Canada has been sinking culturally for 40 or 50 years. Perhaps the decline of religion is partly to blame, perhaps the Pill, perhaps our nation’s (former) prosperity has led to a certain decadence and degradation of values and of the work ethic … well, who knows, really.

  • FivePointSpurgeon

    It’s an unpleasant position to take but… Little Potato will be PM as long as he wants to be. Just speaking with an average Cdn should show you two things.

    They love free stuff and he’s just dreeeeeamy.