City taxpayers pour cash, police into Pride

It cost City Hall $512,000 to provide policing and other security for this year’s Pride parade — the very services Black Lives Matter-Toronto now wants banned from future parades — the Sun has learned.

And that figure does not include the cost of pay-duty police officers, which city officials say they can’t release because of privacy laws.

Why isn’t this “successful” event self-funding?

  • Martin B

    Making taxpayers pay for it is half the fun of FagFest.

    • Clink9

      It’s the only economic model that works to brainwash the young.

      • Clausewitz

        OK, all together now, let’s watch their heads explode………

        • Clink9


  • Chris

    In this case the obvious answer is the correct one, the pride parade requires public funding because there aren’t enough gay people willing to give money to this. Contrary to the image the activists insist is real, they do not reflect the attitudes and feelings of the majority of the homosexual population.

    • Gary

      The hypocrisy for many events in Toronto is that they all claim that it bring in $100 million plus from Tourism and it pays for itself.
      But Toronto has a $4,000,000,000.00+ debt and growing each years as the homeless crisis and housing crisis get worse.
      Toronto is too big to have these weekly Street closures during the summer where each minority claims that it’s just a few days. But with over 60 past Nationalities and endless numbers of sub-cultures, races and faiths in Toronto……..they hurt Tourism and make a mess of the TTC on top of the normal Transit break-downs because we also have the City do summer road repairs.

  • Blind Druid

    As long as that ugly clam-lapper is Queen of Ontario, there will aways be lots of YOUR money for the annual Homo Hike.

    • NoPasaran

      South of the border, we just call that “Whole milk”.

      • Blind Druid

        Whisky came outta my nose brother. Thank you.

  • Gary

    The Police have become Political and are now loyal to their pay cheque
    @ $90,000.00 a year plus over-time. About 25% of the job are Diversity-Quota position filled by Mini-Cops that in females that have a 90% rate for Back-up call when the males have a mean rate of about 25% for the same 9-1-1 calls.

    There are several minority groups that get a special dispensation from Canada’s laws and can get away with breaking the law right in front of the Police. We also see how members from the Public sector Unions can assault the taxpayers and never get charged because the Police protect them as just another political wing of the Government in power .

    It doesn’t matter if islamists fly Hezballah or hamas flags as well as the Jew-haters among them committing child-abuse by bringing them to the rally as Shields that hold macabre posters of dead persons or calls to wipe out the jews.

    Below is a photo that shows how the Police on duty during PRIDE’s parade allowed the Federal laws to be broken which are to protect Children from sexual perverts in public . John Tory said he opposed it and if he was the Mayor he would expect the Police to make arrests and stop the child-abuse. But then he became the Mayor and is now pro child-abuse and condones sexual predators exposing them self around children .

    We now have $90,000.00 a year Social Workers that carry Guns and wear a Costume that resembles a Police Officer’s outfit from days gone by when we had REAL Police that answered to the public. The costume will now see the Niqab and Hijab added to be Diverse and include the Jew-hating anti-west pro-sharia fascists that want sanctioned pedophilia to emulate their alleged prophet.

  • NoPasaran

    Caribiana has not gotten any real public funding, and I would guess Saint Patty ain’t seen a pot o’ gold in a while either.

    I can’t see a bank or other company “sponsoring” it to the extent needed. So basically it boils down to the city wanting to have a kind of pet minority to call its’ own to sate the fragile souls in the political class.

    Let’s face it, you can’t really do that with Arabs. They aren’t as photogenic as naked men on a float whose hardest choice was WHICH Freddy Mercury look to go with this year.

    • Clausewitz

      How much money goes into the Santa Claus parade from the various governments? That’s easy, zero.

      • Clink9

        And probably much larger crowds than the pity pride gang gets.

      • It’s family-friendly, so..

  • I keep saying that a Russian nationalist and Islamist Pride Parade should be scheduled at the same time and place and on the same day but no one listens to me.

    • Clink9

      Might as well squeeze in the Canadian Paintball Association also.

  • K1

    Police need to be at Pride because the Islamists would love to bomb the Gays


    The Police act on behalf of the Cdn Public
    It was the CDN PUBLIC that had a problem with the bath houses at the time!
    Thanks to many Gay people we had a change in our thinking