Racial Issues That Really Matter

Education that truly matters is denigrated, opposed, or ignored.

Ordinarily, it is not a good idea to base how you vote on just one issue. But if black lives really matter, as they should matter like all other lives, then it is hard to see any racial issue that matters as much as education.

The government could double the amount of money it spends on food stamps or triple the amount it spends on housing subsidies, and it will mean very little if the next generation of young blacks goes out into the world as adults without a decent education.

  • G

    You can provide the best teachers, lesson plans, textbooks and schools money can buy. If the morons have no desire to learn or improve themselves they will remain morons.

    Last I heard all cities had public libraries stuffed with books, all for free. Stupidity is their choice.

    • Frances

      Not totally: many parents who are forced by circumstance to send their children to public schools are extremely frustrated when said schools cater to the lowest denominator, ignore bad behaviour, and generally give incipient thugs free rein. The teachers’ union (in the USA) is more concerned with salaries and pensions than with actually doing a proper job. And – sans charter schools – these parents have no place to turn.

      Libraries: you must be joking. At one stage in my career, had a schedule where the only time and place to study for an upcoming class was at a library located near said class. Abandoned that idea rapidly; obviously local students regarded the library as a hang-out, and anyone wanting to actually work found the conditions impossible. And as for the books: depends on what you’re looking for. All the latest best sellers – no problem. All the propaganda on “global warming” – no problem. Any information on real climate scientists such as Dr Timothy Ball – crickets.

      • Shebel

        It must frustrate you. The Truth is illegal .
        Lies have become the Truth.

      • xavier

        To follow up from Frances: in the U.S. the teachers unions are vehemently opposed to charter schools and vouchers are like a possessed person. The unions have a visceral animus against such initiatives.

        The poor must NEVER EVER have any real freedom choice or agency. To grant them choice would empty the public schools immediately and collapse the unions’ power like the Soviet union after 91.
        Parents choice would force many mediocre teachers to either get out and do something else or radically improve their professional development. Just look at countries like India where the public school system is a criminal embarassement; same goes with many American inner city schools. There’s absolutely no reason for the inner cities kids to get such mediocre learning unless it’s a cynical plan to keep them dependent on political parties

      • G

        You can order books at libraries. Stop making excuses for laziness.

        • Frances

          G – have done that myself back in the day when needed a certain reference text; reality is that the average library has a very limited supply of basic texts. Ordering them – from where? If other jurisdictions have equal demand on the texts, there aren’t going to be inter-library loans. And it is my experience that the local library, while it will have umpteen copies of the latest best-seller, will have at the most one or two copies of basic textbooks.

          I am not making excuses for those who will not learn; I am merely pointing out that the public school/library system – particularly in the USA – is seriously deficient when it comes to helping those who want to learn.

      • G

        “Abandoned that idea rapidly; obviously local students regarded the library as a hang-out, and anyone wanting to actually work found the conditions impossible”

        So, because SOMEONE ELSE didn’t provide you with the perfect study environment you threw up your hands and declared it impossible.
        – Didn’t want to study very badly did you?

        I fully support Charter schools, home schooling and a lot more but you are simply making up excuses for a political point. If these dumb asses wanted to improve their lot they could. No one needs to hold their hand.

        • Frances

          G – perhaps you’re okay with studying on the floor while others walk all around and over you – I’m not. Did, however, pass the course handily by really concentrating during the few times I could actually study. So stop being so snarky. These were kids (all colours) from the local housing project, and the library staff had given up.

  • Shebel

    I don’t really care any more because the Politicians are—
    Going to start another War.

    • Frances

      I care, because we have grandbrats whom we hope to see grow into productive and caring adults. Looking at the world today, rather think our parents’ world – which embraced the great depression and WW II – held more hope for the future.

      • Shebel

        Our Politicians are betraying us .
        Could you at least agree with this ?

        • Frances

          Sadly, I do.

  • Hard Little Machine

    You can’t air drop ‘education’ like blankets in a post hurricane disaster.