PM Useful Idiot visits mosque with terror connections

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited a gender-segregated mosque Monday morning whose imam is a member of a group considered a terrorist organization abroad.

Samy Metwally, the lead imam at the Ottawa Muslim Association, is a “a member of the International Union for Muslim Scholars (IUMS)”, according to the mosque’s website. In 2014 the United Arab Emirates placed the group on its list of designated terrorist organizations.

  • Scaramouche
  • Flyboy

    How can a “feminist” Prime Minister support female segregation within the Islamic context. Does he also support female genital mutilation? How about the stoning of adulterers and all other barbaric, supremicst aspects of Sharia’h Law?

    • DMB


  • ontario john

    Gee, I wonder when he visited a Christian church. But then as he puts it, Christians are disgusting. Its a good thing everyone in Canada loves little Justin.

  • jt

    Female groups demand equality but when it comes to islam not a word.