By making misogyny a crime, we are sleepwalking into tyranny

Should it be a crime to hate women? This unfortunate question is thrown up by the news that misogyny might soon become a hate crime across England and Wales. Two months ago, Nottingham Police launched a trial ‘crackdown on sexism’, investigating cases of, among other things, ‘verbal harassment’ and ‘unwanted advances’ towards women. Now top coppers from across the country are looking into criminalising misogyny elsewhere.

I find this terrifying…

  • Brett_McS

    Even those ‘hate crimes’ which seem tailor made to target Islamic fanatics end up being used primarily on people such as Tommy Robinson. The whole concept of ‘hate crime’ is stupid.

  • V10_Rob

    Funny how the Brits can find the manpower (whoops!) to chase down thoughtcrime, but not actual crime like Rotherham.

    • infedel

    • Editor

      Not sure it’s a manpower problem, thoughtcrime is enforced aganst whites. Rotherham would have meant applying the law on “asians”.(Which in itself is the best euphemism ever) and that would be raaaayyycisssss.

  • Dana Garcia

    Now that the rulers have imported a tribe of barbarians, the elites notice that extreme law enforcement is needed to preserve even a modicum of public order. So predictable.

  • infedel

    Power and Control…create chaos for a police state and bring in third world for political control.; we know this and we can stop this.

  • BillyHW

    I remember the first time I heard the word misogyny. I couldn’t stop laughing.

  • barryjr

    I would be extremely surprised if this idea is used against the misogynistic, pedophiles that worship a 7th century illiterate thug. Males of European descent prepare to serve your masters/mistresses. What is most alarming to me is that these ideas are coming from citizens of the country not from some bunch of foreigners demanding the nation change for them. No this is the police demanding change because they have been exposed as the useless incompetent twats they truly are.