75 girls in Bristol become victims of Female Genital Multilation in just three months

Dozens of girls in Bristol have been subjected to female genital mutilation over the summer months, a report has found.

Some 75 girls in Bristol were subjected to the cruel practice in the months of April, May and June this year, the Health and Social Care Information Centre revealed.

And those are only the ones who seek medical help.

  • Clink9

    Justin would say: “Why stop at 75 you slack tools, try harder”.

  • Alain

    The result of allowing Islam into the country.

  • Timmae

    Never happened. Just ask Obama, Hillary, Kerry, Pelosi, Reid, and Rich Scot of the DNC. Oopps, my error. Rich committed suicide?

  • Maxsteele

    Yes, you see, the majority of muslims are moderate don’t you know.

  • mauser 98

    PM Potato Blight , CBC silence

  • Jim Horne

    In Canada, have there been any reported cases of charges being laid and successful convictions of FGM?

  • mobuyus

    Maybe the muslims should switch to male genital mutilation and put a cap on all this islamic zaniness once and for all.