Trump and Clinton need to learn Black Lives Matter


There’s a right way and a wrong way to win our votes. And the wrong way is to exploit stereotyped cultural markers.

Step forward, Donald Trump. His effort was to read a scripted text in a black church.

Hillary Clinton did no better. She gave a shout out on a morning urban radio show to say that she also carries hot sauce around with her. Just like us!

  • Hillary is a soul sista!

    • When blacks quit shooting other blacks, black lives will matter.

  • Ed

    How come the black segregation movement on college campuses never quite takes the next logical step… segregation back to africa…

  • Jake Martin

    Hey you blacks I hear Africa is looking for football players! The whole works of you can take your insidious genes back to where you belong. We’ll just call it a day. Like the Muslim’s. You stay on your side of the world and we will stay on ours.

  • BillyHW
    • moraywatson

      These guys just hate themselves when they look in the mirror.

  • moraywatson

    Only a racist would think that it is racist to make an address to a “stereotypical’ black congregation that INVITED Donald Trump to speak to them.

  • Hard Little Machine

    BLM isn’t about black people it’s about money, power and using violence to achieve that.

    • dukestreet

      Probably a Soros funded production. Anything to mess things up. He doesn’t care how he does it or who gets hurt in the process.

    • Clausewitz

      It’s about dumbed down Marxism for the intellectually impaired.

    • moraywatson

      BLM isn’t about black people, it is about islam.

  • In other words Trump needs to support the cop-killing Black Lives Matter ideology even more than Hillary and Obama support it. Trump needs to do even more than the Democrats, who only invited BLM to the White House and invited them to their campaign.

    Lemme see, so how can Trump outdo Hillary and Obama in supporting racist terrorist cop-killers like BLM? I know! Maybe he can start by offering BLM supporters lifetime free accommodations in Trump hotels.

    Excellent advice from the “Reverend” Irene Monroe of GayStarNews. A winning platform for the Trump campaign! It would be much easier for Black Lives Matter supporters to plan riots, assaults, fires, property destruction, and intimidation of the public from the comfort of Trump Towers. Hey, maybe BLM can even put a sniper up in Trump Tower and pick off cops. Thanks for the “godly” inspiration Reverend Monroe!

    (btw “Reverend” Monroe, it’s my obligation to inform you that you will burn in hell for all eternity unless you repent of your evil ideology. Jus’ sayin’).

  • Blacksmith

    I have known a lot of black people over the years and worked side by side with them. I never saw one whip out their bottle of hot sauce. Must have thought I would steal it…..

    • Hillary was confusing Blacks (African Americans) with West Indians and Hispanics. The latter of which are big fans of hot sauce. But even West Indians and Hispanics don’t carry around bottles of the stuff with them. Heck, with my Italian heritage I’ve been accustomed to eating hot chilies my entire life — but I don’t walk around with a bottle of crushed chilies in my pocket!

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Hillary always keeps a fresh watermelon in the trunk of her car just to be “culturally sensitive”.

      • Blacksmith

        Shrilary confused, Was this before or after she took the header into the van?
        Seriously though, she is an elitist white leftist prog. The worst kind of bigot out there.