Sounds like war France… Nearly 300 potential Muslim terrorists thwarted in the last 9 months alone

A TOTAL of 293 people had been have been found guilty of belonging to – and being actively involved with – a terrorist in the last nine months, Bernard Cazeneuve, the French interior minister, has revealed.

When you can’t control your own borders…

When thousands of soldiers patrol your streets…

The streets your own police and firefighters dread to set foot on for fear of ambush…

When your citizens are attacked because they have offended a murder cult’s idol…

When your own government tells you; “get used to it” mass casualty events are the new normal…

When your army draws up plans to reconquer parts of your country…

I’d say you had a war on your hands.

  • Dana Garcia
  • dukestreet

    We should be fighting this war already,but, with liberals in charge, we won’t be any time soon. Ideology trumps reality every time when it comes to government.

    • Alain

      The liberals are the real enemy for without them we would not have mass invasion of enemy aliens.

      • tom_billesley

        The fifth columnists of the Ummah.

  • k2

    So it turns out that this multiculturalism-diversity thing was really just a subtle plot to get extra funding to build more prisons. (Of course, the real question is who does the government actually wish to put in those brand new prisons …?)

    • tom_billesley

      Just us deplorables.

      • Editor

        Ha! That would make a great t-shirt.

        • Slickfoot

          Here ya go:

  • tom_billesley

    Hungarian PM Viktor Orban: Sink the Migrant Boats.
    Turkish “migrant” attempted rape or rape of 12-year-old girl in Bicske camp, Hungary. Turkish? wtf.

  • canminuteman

    I will believe they understand they are at war when there are actually dead muslims.

    • Slickfoot

      When the streets are littered with them.

      • Editor

        Well, the streets were littered with 130 French bodies in Paris last November and 84 more French bodies in Nice last July. If that doesn’t convince they’re at war, I don’t know what will.

        • Slickfoot

          As I’ve stated elsewhere, they cannot depend on the elites, when average people are more afraid FOR their country than they are OF the government, the war will begin in earnest.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    When they stop an attack quietly; they should eliminate the threat quietly.(A 22 to the back of the head,cheap, quick,quiet, eliminates the name up in the lefty press as a martyr. Sink the pig in the deepest body of water available. The word will get out!