Scott Adams: The Race for President is (Probably) Over

If humans were rational creatures, the time and place of Clinton’s “overheating” wouldn’t matter at all. But when it comes to American psychology, there is no more powerful symbol of terrorism and fear than 9-11 . When a would-be Commander-in-Chief withers – literally – in front of our most emotional reminder of an attack on the homeland, we feel unsafe. And safety is our first priority.

Hillary Clinton just became unelectable.

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      New system?

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  • Brett_McS

    We need a President who is intelligent knowledgeable experienced… awake!

    • Maurice Miner

      I’m kinda thinking Richard Lamm.

      It’s his 81st birthday, dontcha know?

      Many happy returns for you, Richard!

      He would be simply superb as a late entry to the Presidential race – I mean he’s only a few years older then the two presumptive candidates, but those few years add up to a helluva lot more life experience!

      Richard Lamm for President!

      (by the way, Happy Birthday!)

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I was away three days to attend a family reunion in the Washington DC area. The head of the family, my last living uncle, now 92, was a senior engineer for the Apollo Project and knew all the astronauts. When I asked him who he is voting for, he
    said he is going to sit this one out. His issue with Trump is that Trump keeps modifying his positions so that it’s hard to know where he stands from one day to the next. One of his grandsons is a prominent Washington patent attorney specializing in cyber and defense inventions. While he despises Obama, he told me he plans to vote for Hillary because he feels that her positions on the economy are more conservative than Trump’s. This of course was before the news broke that Hillary’s candidacy has become the campaign of the living dead. I bring this to you so that we may understand why Trump isn’t a cinch to win. (Don’t worry, I’m still voting for him.)

  • BillyHW

    “It took a village to get her into the car.”

    • xavier

      Well done! That’s witty!

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Periscope has been getting quite the workout this weekend.
    Mike Cernovich needs to learn the art of brevity while I think Scott Adams could talk a bit longer and interact with his audience a bit less.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Maybe I’m the only Trump supporter that does not see this as some kind of kill shot.
    Maybe if this was a Republican that this happened to, but our media is so in the tank for Hillary that this will just be another brick in the wall.
    No Dem kill shots allowed this time, assuming that they were ever allowed for Dems.

    • Brett_McS

      Although getting to the pointy end where most people start to pay attention, these sort of episodes will leak past the gate keepers more easily.

      • Clausewitz

        That’s why Obama wants to kill a free and uncensored internet. Enjoy it while you can because soon unfettered information will become a scarce commodity.

    • Ho Hum

      I agree. I don’t see this as a kill shot. There is some upside for Hillary after this medical episode. She will gain sympathy from some voters which will help in her favorability numbers. The pneumonia diagnosis will allow her to exit the campaign trail while she “recuperates” – allowing her to further avoid press scrutiny (what little there is) while she “runs-out-the-clock”. It may even force Trump to temper his attacks on Hillary. Of course there is a big downside in her embarrassing public collapse but in the end it is probably a wash. The lap-dog media is already pushing the narrative that Hillary has amazing fortitude to be able to attend all those events on Friday while battling pneumonia.

      • marty_p

        Newstalk 1010 in Toronto this morning had a Dr explain that Hillary has a low performing thyroid, low blood pressure and pneumonia and despite all of the aforementioned she can function normally “as do millions of other Canadians” – in fact the Dr was surprised how well she was doing.
        The BS continues.

    • Clink9

      Weird they didn’t take her to a hospital.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        It’s almost as if they knew exactly what was happening to her, and it ain’t pneumonia.

      • Clausewitz

        They were afraid that they could not control the information if someone not in the tank for her treated her.

  • FunkyWinkerbeans

    Note that Scott said “If humans were rational creatures”. The dems don’t qualify. They would taxidermy her and perform a sequel of “Weekend at Bernie’s” if they though they could get away with it. Really no different than if she is alive as she isn’t making the decisions, her puppet masters are.

  • Hard Little Machine

    There never was a race. This is all fake and even if she dies before the election it will be covered up so she can ‘win’. And no, Tim Kaine will never be president. Obama will instruct the Electoral College to elect who he tells them to elect. The Constitution does not require a popular election at all, it requires an election by the Electoral College and it leaves the election of those electors up to each state some of which do not require a popular vote. So all one would need to do is order the Big Blue States’ governors, like Andy Cuomo, Jerry Brown, etc. to apply relentless pressure on their own states to force a Democratic Party name through the system. And lets say worst case the GOP goes to the Supreme Court – at only 8 Justices they might not want to go down in history as the most corrupt broken political SC ever so they could punt it to Congress. Congress is nominally GOP but they for most part lay down for Obama anyway and they hate Trump almost as much as CNN.

  • Jabberwokk

    Hillary Clinton: The Corpse God emperor of mankind?