Pieces of the truth…

“…Laws tell much about a people. Our need to legislate the use of force, and their need to legislate everything but the use of force. We have learned to be afraid of our lurking potential for evil.

It is a fear absent in Islam where a man who serves Allah cannot be a devil no matter what he does, but we know all too well that the devil can come wrapped in a saintly cause. We know it so well that we sometimes forget that while devils do occasionally come wearing halos, mostly they come wearing horns. To our great pain and woe, we have forgotten that we are not our own enemies.”

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  • marty_p

    Toronto Star (and Crescent) has two different articles on page 3 of the print edition today . Of course as expected – no mention of who hijacked those planes.
    I am amazed how radio talk show hosts (Motts on Newstalk 1010 yesterday) and the Toronto Star (and Crescent) published several articles on 911 and no mention of “who” perpetrated the attacks. I can only assume the pandering is to prevent protest from the followers of the “religion of the perpetually offended”.