John McCallum Out Of Touch With 57% Of Liberals

McCallum calls Leitch’s immigration proposal ‘Orwellian’

Immigration Minister John McCallum slammed Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch’s proposal to screen immigrants for Anti-Canadian values, calling it “dog-whistle” and “Orwellian.”

Speaking for the first time since Leitch’s proposal, McCallum told Evan Solomon, host of CTV’s Question Period, that Canadians aren’t interested in having a debate of this nature. “I think it’s very sad that these Conservative candidates are offering things that for a long time, Canadians have rejected,” said McCallum.

Rejected? Obviously not the 57% of liberals who support it…

57% Of Liberal Party Members Revealed To Be Racists Who Favour Screening Immigrants For Anti-Canadian Values

And McCallum the wee vote whore is looking to keep the TFW afloat to please our crony capitalists and swell liberal party membership.

  • Clink9

    Behold, children of Canada. This man represents the best we have to offer as your man in Ottawa. You should all aspire to “work” for the government all your life.

  • ontario john

    What would he call little Justin’s orders to use the term Daesh instead of ISIS.

    • Clink9

      Doublespeak. If we wasn’t a slobbering fartcatcher of Zoolander.

  • simus1

    FAS – apparently in some rare cases it is sometimes not so fetal.

  • If McCallum were PM during WWII he would have turned away from Canada the Jews escaping the Holocaust — the same way he is turning away Christians and other minorities currently escaping the ISIS genocide.

    If McCallum were PM during WWII he would not have screened German immigrants to Canada for Nazi ideology — the same way he is refusing to screen immigrants from ISIS territory for Islamic terrorist ideology.

    In other words, John McCallum would have admitted the Nazis and rejected the Jews during WWII — the same way he will admit the terrorists and is rejecting their victims today.

    John McCallum is a sick, cowardly, drunken fuck. And He is soon to meet his Maker. Although I don’t blame the old fart entirely — he’s a product of the Fascist Progressive Liberal Party. He doesn’t know any different. He doesn’t know how to think for himself — much like the children of the terrorists he has been indoctrinated with Fascist ideology his entire life. God have mercy on his soul.

    • Linda1000

      What in the hell is wrong with the Cdns. who elected him as their MP in his riding just north of Toronto (Markham/Thornhill)? Says a lot about Justine’s wise choices for his senior Federal cabinet ministers or did he even have any input?

      • Good point. I often wonder if McCallum is the de facto PM, since Justin seems to spend most of his time posing for the cameras. The Libs seem to have Justin there purely as a figurehead.

        • Alain

          Yes, Justin is purely there as a figurehead, but I still say the ones truly running the show (pulling the puppet’s strings) are the non elected advisors.

        • Linda1000

          I thought Gerald Butts was Justine’s controller along with the muslims who were elected and some serve in his Cabinet (think there’s about six or seven) running the show in Ottawa.

      • P_F

        I am sure Otis Campbell, even when drunk, would’ve done a better job than this buffoon McCallum

        • Linda1000

          I had to look up Otis Campbell. lol Didn’t watch the Andy Griffith show.

    • The Liberals already turned away Jews. They are simply repeating history.

      • Clausewitz

        Yep, looks like a few people need to reread their history about Mackenzie King to remember what a true Liberal is like.

        • I’m surprised that information hasn’t been blotted out from history books – yet.

  • pdxnag

    If you favor the importation of Islamic terrorists should you yourself be summarily expelled? Now that should be the point of inquiry.

    • You can’t expel natural-born Canadian citizens like John McCallum and Justin Trudeau. But I think you should be able to put them in jail if they are caught aiding or abetting terrorists — especially if the terrorists end up murdering Canadians.

      Jean Chretien should have been prosecuted for aiding and abetting the terrorist Khadr family, especially since it was through Chretien’s personal intervention as Prime Minister that Khadr senior was released from jail in Pakistan and was admitted to Canada as a “refugee” in the first place. Four male members of the Khadr family ended up working for Al Queda and committing acts of terrorism abroad. Omar Khadr worked in an IED factory, and the majority of Canadian deaths in Afghanistan were from IEDs.

      Every time you see a Canadian Afghan vet missing a limb, never forget that it could be because of an IED built by Khadr, whose terrorist family was admitted to Canada through Liberal Party policy and the irresponsible judgement of PM Chretien.

      (btw, I voted for Chretien. The asshole suckered me when I attended his speech at my University in the ’90’s.)

      • pdxnag

        To embrace Islam and Sharia is to voluntarily renounce citizenship in any free nation of free peoples. It is just a personal choice that followers make. It should be no more problematic than if they became a citizen of France.

        You change loyalty, here to the worldwide Islamic Ummah, you move out.

        • Linda1000

          Typo, sorry. “adhere” – stick to firmly, “adherent” – supports, follows a set of ideas, party, sticking firmly to something.

        • I agree in theory. But then where do you put them if they’re Canadian-born citizens and can have no other citizenship? You can’t just put a fellow Canadian in jail purely for his/her ideas. They have to be guilty of committing a crime. Otherwise, it’s a two-edged sword — we too could be jailed purely for our ideas!

          • pdxnag

            There is no crime in changing loyalty, say for example, to France. You just move on out when you do.

            Muslims claim exclusive sovereignty over all the world so any Sharia compliant, Islam dominated land, would suffice as a destination.

          • Alain

            It is called treason, and it is against the law – a law which still exists.

      • Linda1000

        Not me, but only because I never could understand what he was saying in English. He always put the wrong “hack-cent on the wrong sill-lab”. 🙂 Then again, I voted for Mulroney and look how he turned out.

        • And Mulroney was treated like crap by the Libs. Now he seems to be functioning like another one of their Conservative apologists.

  • Alain

    If you want “Orwellian”, look no further than the Liberal Party and their fellow travellers: CBC, all MSM, the NDP and the Greens. That is the implementation of Orwell’s world.

  • One might say he is out of touch with sobriety as well.

    This was deliberate.

  • Reader

    He is particularly out of touch with the smart Liberals who are also known as ex-Liberals.

  • Dave

    Let’s just call it for what it is, liberals are just plain out of touch with reality.

  • Robin Banks

    Few know of McCallum’s ancestral background as his name has been anglicized.

    His real name is Veiny-nose McFuckface.