Jihadism: the last totalitarianism of the twentieth century

Le jihadisme. Le comprendre pour mieux le combattre [“Jihadism: Understanding it better to combat it better”] is a book intended for the general public written by three authors who attempt to provide Europeans with an understanding of the phenomenon of jihadism, which they examine from three perspectives: historical, sociological and legal. Philippe Migaux, an international security expert, provides an overview of the historical origins of jihadist ideology (which he defines as the last totalitarianism of the twentieth century) and of the new type of terrorism that it has engendered.

  • Alain

    No, it isn’t “jihadism”, it is Islam itself that is totalitarian. Jihad is just one part of the whole lot. There is not not a big difference between Islam and Communism, and both are totalitarian.

  • stubb

    No comparison. The Third Reich, Communism, Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere, Stalinism, Maoism et al. only lasted a few decades. Islam (“Jihadism”) has been around 1400 years, and has slaughtered far more innocents than any of those. People who view these ideologies as somehow equivalent to one another are suffering from a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature and history of Islam. Islam may have some analogous aspects in the scope of its depredations, but in scale it dwarfs them into insignificance. It is far more dangerous and destructive than any of them.