Father Raymond J. de Souza: Islam needs a reformation, but that means acknowledging that terrorism has a religious component

Fifteen years after 9/11, the response to Islamist terror is becoming more and more confused. Consider the murder of Father Jacques Hamel at the altar of his Normandy parish in July. The president of France, a proudly secular state, acknowledged that this was a uniquely horrific event, and so he flew to the Vatican to offer condolences. Yet Pope Francis went in the opposite direction, seeing nothing unique or remarkable at all in the martyrdom of one of his priests and likening jihadist terror to domestic violence in Italy. The world sometimes appears to be so destabilized that it is upside down.

  • pdxnag

    But that means acknowledging that Islamic terrorism is inspired, indeed mandated, by elementary Islam.

  • Alain

    Reforming Islam is impossible, but if horses were wishes…..

    • xavier

      Reforming Islam is to repudiate it and become an apostate. Hopefully some will convert and we have to help in any way we can

      • Norman_In_New_York

        Many would convert if they didn’t have to fear for their lives. Others would modify their creed into a civilized religion if allowed to in safety.

        • xavier

          Doubt that Islam can become a civilized religion. 1400 years is more than enough to change.

          • Blacksmith


  • Jay Currie

    Islam has had its Reformation: the Wahhabis and Safalists are the Calvinists and Lutherans of the “religion”. They have “purified” what was a corrupt version of Islam. De Souza should know this.

    What Islam needs is its Enlightenment. The moment where religion is divorced from the state, where politics and theology part company.

    That is unlikely to happen because a) Islam is an explicitly political operation, b) Muslims believe that every word of the Koran was dictated by Allah to his Prophet, c) the vast majority of Muslims live in backward nations where the very idea of the modern is looked at as blasphemy.

    • Blacksmith

      All of the above, well said Jay.

  • Justin St.Denis

    You can’t fix stupid, and Islam cannot be reformed or enlightened. It’s in the Quran.

    • Blacksmith

      Clear, concise, bravo!

  • Blacksmith

    A reformation would only delay the next pisslamist uprising. There is no tolerance in that religion. This will not end until pisslam is ended. That may have to wait until we have left this earth.