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london-policeLondon’s police ignore Muslim officers ‘extremist views’ for fear of being labeled ‘Islamophobic’

We are reaching critical mass rather quickly, a tipping point, where there will be no turning back, not righting the ship, no coming back from this.

Here’s what’s most telling about this story is that it’s a Muslima officer making the accusations and why it is being taken seriously. If it were a non-Muslim whistle-blower, they would be ruined, fired and deemed an islamophobic-anti-Muslim-racist-bigot. Natch.

The now former police officer mentioned that she had been told by other senior members of the force that complaining about Muslim policeman would “hinder” her hopes for promotion in the future.

phoneOklahoma U. Now Has A 24/7 Bias Hotline You Can Call For Hurt Feelings

After months of delays, the University of Oklahoma (OU) has finally launched a 24/7 bias incident hotline, so that students can immediately and anonymously report bias, discrimination, mental harassment and other sources of profound psychological distress.

The hotline was requested by OU Unheard, an activist group for black OU students, and Indigenize OU, a group of American Indian activists. The two groups argued that an anonymous reporting system would make them feel “more safe” at the school, which suffered a national scandal in 2015 when members of the fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon were filmed singing a racist song.

earth-in-water-agw-hoaxUS Intelligence Chief: Climate Change Caused the Rise of Terror Groups

Speaking about global threats on intelligence summit in Washington, Clapper explained that decrease in the resources like food and water caused by climate change will lead to mounting socio-economical tensions worldwide with people resorting to arms to get crucial life supplies. This would put additional pressure on governments, which will have to struggle to control national borders, respond to inner and outer threats.

“I think climate change is going to be an underpinning for a lot of national security issues,” he said.

koreans-and-marinesNK’s next step may be ICBM test

Following its fifth nuclear test, Friday, North Korea may move to test-fire an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) ― the KN-08 ― to show off its advanced technology that could threaten the United States, observers said Sunday.

The latest nuclear test followed launches of short-, medium- and intermediate-range ballistic missiles and submarine-launched ballistic missiles in recent months. Observers noted that what now remains is the test-firing of the ICBM.

*** EDITOR'S NOTE: GRAPHIC CONTENT *** TORAJA, INDONESIA - AUGUST 25: Relatives pose with the bodies of bodies of Ne'TLimbong (R) and L Sarungu (L), an army veteran dead for 10 years, during the Ma'nene ritual at Panggala Village on August 25, 2016 in Toraja, Indonesia. The Ma'nene ritual in performed during a ceremony every three years, where the dead are exhumed for a change of clothes, among the people of Toraja as an expression of the love of the surviving family. PHOTOGRAPH BY Sijori Images / Barcroft Images London-T:+44 207 033 1031 - New York-T:+1 212 796 2458 - New Delhi-T:+91 11 4053 2429

Indonesian villagers dig up dead relatives and give them makeovers

Indonesian families have been pictured preparing the skeletons of their dearly departed for the Ma’nene ceremony.

The corpses of grandparents, partners and children are washed, groomed and dressed in new clothes.

The 9/11 Message that Terrifies Washington

twin towers 911In the weeks following 9/11 Americans regained camaraderie and national pride. Race issues receded, government protected groups found less need for protection, American flags waved from car roofs and highway overpasses. The quiet made friends and the typically thoughtless made way for strangers.

There was unity. A cohesion many seek again. Many turned to God, technology, the past, and the government for direction. But the most valuable lesson of 9/11 is what did not happen.

No military fighter jets shrieked in to deflect the four doomed airliners.
No clever FBI worker spotted the trail of clues and subdued the murderers at the last minute.
No NSA employee heeded the data warning of the ominous thread between the killers and Al Qaeda.

The lesson was thunderous. At the time we needed it most, government was absent.

911-attacksJihad terror enters new phase 15 years after 9/11

Fifteen years after Al-Qaida perpetrated the world’s worst terrorist atrocity, targeting New York and Washington, the threat posed by jihadist terrorism remains, casting a constant shadow over international security. This threat changes form from one stage to another, and is set to remain with us for many years to come. The loss of territory by ISIS does not, unfortunately, mark its demise.

Jihadist terrorism is first and foremost an idea, and like a virus, the idea spreads, infecting minds, while thriving under certain conditions.

car_zombiesHillary Clinton’s Deplorables Strike In Rural North Carolina

The minivan slows to a crawl, then dies. The Latina driver with her daughter unbuckled in the front seat frantically tries the starter but the engine refuses to turn over. Within seconds she is surrounded by white men. Again she tries the engine, pumping the accelerator furiously, beads of sweat appearing on her forehead as she mumbles for the car to start. It refuses. She is stuck and on her own.

liberty-lost-twin-towers9 Liberties Lost Since 9/11

Today and every year, “NEVER FORGET” echoes through the neighborhoods, cities, and Facebook statuses of America. 14 years after 9/11, Americans still bear the cross of a nation victimized and scorned after the brutal attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001. While Americans — and politicians who are still intent on capitalizing on the tragedy — vow never to forget the fateful day, far too many citizens forget the liberties they have relinquished as a result. Lest today’s valiantly waving flags, government ceremonies, and TV news specials replaying the plane crashes coax you into forgetting, these nine essential freedoms have been usurped since 9/11.

canadians-against-talibanCanadians Engage Taliban At Close Range During Battle Of Zharei

In May of 2006, Soldiers from Canada, Afghanistan, Netherlands, The United Kingdom, and The United States, all took part part in a running gun battle with the Taliban in the districts of Zharei and Panjway. The Task Force was known as Task Force Orion, and they were responsible for clearing Panjwaii of Taliban forces.

After several weeks of intense fighting, where 37 firefights were reported, the area was deemed clear. NATO reported that close to 1,000 enemy fighters had been killed in action by the TF. Sixteen Canadian Soldiers and two American Soldiers were KIA, with another 50 wounded.