Cokie Roberts: Dems ‘Nervously Beginning to Whisper’ About Hillary Replacement

Monday on NPR’s “Morning Edition,” ABC political commentator Cokie Roberts offered her thoughts on the apparent health issues regarding Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and the how the party could be looking to handle things if a replacement is needed for Clinton.

According to Roberts, there was already conversation within the party about such a possibility.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Bernie did place 2nd in the primaries.

    • I hope he gets the call;)

      • Clausewitz

        Me too………

  • mauser 98

    Andrew Cuomo , John Kerry tires being kicked

  • Waffle

    It’s about time for Plan B. After all, the other shoe has dropped.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Two problems with that.

    Hard to get a new person on the ballot everywhere now.

    And – – – – after years of screaming about how not allowing black people to vote 6 months ago, they were successful. Now all those votes have already been cast. What do you with them. Can’t tell black people their vote didn’t count and can’t ask them to vote again because racism or something,.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      They might have to hold a national primary on short notice.

      • Hard Little Machine

        And get all the black people out to vote 2 more times? Never gonna happen.

  • Martin B

    I’m surprised. I thought no Democrat would dare to admit there were issues with her health until she was under six feet of soil, and maybe not even then.

    • Clausewitz

      I hope they bury her face down, just in case.

  • Is there an even bigger liar than Hillary?

    Hillary Clinton will not allow this.

  • Dana Garcia

    It’ll never happen. The real Plan B is a rerun of the Wilson administration, where after a debilitating stroke, his wife ran the country.

    Maybe Bill, Cheryl and Huma will team up in a presidential triumvirate. Hillary can be propped up with drugs for occasional appearances.