Why the former CSIS director says the Liberals shouldn’t touch Bill C-51

The former director of Canada’s Security Intelligence Service says Bill C-51 should remain untouched. He does, however, support the government’s plan to re-examine the controversial piece of anti-terror legislation.

“I would leave it as it is, but as a Canadian, I’m glad the government’s carrying through on its promise to review things,” Richard Fadden told the West Block’s Tom Clark this weekend.

  • Oracle9

    History will bear out the wisdom of Steven Harper and his work. Little Potato on the other hand…

  • Jim Horne

    I admire and respect the work that Richard Fadden did as Director of CSIS. Further, I would hope that the Trudeau Government would take his advice very seriously when they review Bill C-51.

    Our security agencies and law enforcement agencies need to a tool box of threat reduction activities that will afford Canadians the greatest protection possible. The last thing the Trudeau Government should be doing is further limiting the actions that those who protect us can take.