Why Did the Terrorists Choose September 11?

On the 15th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, even after the release of the “28 pages” which revealed the involvement of Saudi Arabia, many questions remain unanswered. Why did the terrorists choose September 11 as the date for their attacks? One historical answer seems to have the most potential, but it is not without its critics.

  • PaulW

    The comment about the 9/11 scum being “not very good Muslims” displays the continued widespread ignorance of Islamic belief and thought among “intellectuals” in the West. Robert Spencer has pointed out on numerous occasions that according to Islam, the only CERTAIN way of attaining paradise, in their thinking and belief system, is to die in jihad. Allah is a fickle fellow – they believe that it is indeed possible, however unlikely, that old Mo himself is roasting in hell (since he did not actually die in jihad, despite having lived such a brutal and violent life). Muslims are known to shave their beards, to pretend to adopt Christianity, to drink or do other actions that can make them blend in with their perceived enemies (non-Muslims). Indeed, ISIS has explicitly recommended that its members do just that.

    So, if those maniacs believed that “all would be forgiven” for their virtuous act of murder, why not live it up with booze and women beforehand? In fact, all the more reason to do so since they believed that they were living “evil” lives and so the only chance they had to tip the scales of allah in their favor was to die in jihad.

  • ontario john

    And please remember that islamic terrorists are equal opportunity murderers. The Toronto Star says islam is the only religion without a race problem. And please don’t use the term ISIS today. Our government doesn’t like us using that term.

  • Waffle

    The basic flaw in this hypothesis is that Muslims (and other Easterners) follow the lunar calendar. The West uses the Gregorian (solar) calendar.

  • A lot of things coincide with 9/11. Two of my family members from different generations were coincidentally born today. And I remember something about Chile and communism occurring on 9/11 (Salvador Allende?).

    But then there’s the psycho-symbolic element — 911 is the emergency number practically everywhere in the Western Hemisphere.