Want to know what’s happened to Labour? Study parasites

It’s a long way from Westminster to the banks of the Zambesi. But last week, for me, they linked up. I was lolling on my bed in the Sausage Tree Safari Camp, writing up notes for a travel article. Then a single, iridescent, rather delicate green wasp buzzed into my room and settled on my mosquito net. I folded my laptop. Looked at the wasp. And I got a sudden vision of Jeremy Corbyn and the fate of the Labour party.

  • Brett_McS

    That wasp really is something.


  • simus1

    Political power has a basic divide: those who seek political power via majority assent as a way station on the way to totalitarian rule and those who seek political power via majority assent to forestall a totalitarian takeover of their stuff.

    Vote whoring can have many surprising twists and turns and it is sometimes not an easy task to determine what is really going on and where the end game is intended to finish up.