Obama hired behavior experts to expand use of government programs

From JudicialWatch:

The Obama administration quietly hired 20 social and behavioral research experts to help expand the use of government programs at dozens of agencies by, among other things, simplifying federal forms, according to records obtained by Judicial Watch. The controversial group of experts is collectively known as the Social and Behavioral Sciences Team (SBST) and it functions under the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP).

The records, obtained from the OSTP under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), also include a delivery by Holdren in which he insists that the social and behavioral sciences “are real science, with immensely valuable practical applications—the views of a few members of Congress to the contrary notwithstanding—and that these sciences abundantly warrant continuing support in the Federal science and technology budget.” Holdren, a Stanford and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate is a peculiar character who worked as an environmental professor at Harvard and the University of California Berkeley before becoming Obama’s science advisor. In the late 70s he co-authored a book with doomsayer Paul Ehrlich advocating for mandatory sterilization of the American people and forced abortions in order to depopulate the country. A head of the OSTP Holdren technically oversees the SBST. More.

Reality check: Get use to it; It is fully in line with the gradually developing post-employment society when the main jobholders outside STEM are ‘crats and helping professionals.

Put simply, these groups need the structurally unemployed to need help and management. They will get plenty of support from media morphing into PR units, in the form of sob stories, heartwarmers, “campaigns,” and “crackdowns.”

One sees that trend developing even now at the big dailies, where many stories make the front page that would have been somewhere in back thirty years ago. That’s because anyone can find out the hard news, sports scores, and weather today on the Internet.

The soft news that the dailies are mostly left training their personnel in their new role, whether it is online or on paper.

One thing we won’t see much of is how we got here or how to get out. But it’s not clear that the generations of news consumers coming up really want to know that. Or is it?

See also: CNN claims millennials more conservative than other demographics Not really. It’s more that millennials were the first generation that discovered that being “liberal” meant that a girl was expected to pee in the same washroom as men. Increasingly radical, intrusive demands are probably taking the shine off it for at least some millennials.