Islamic State Calls for Attacks on ‘Infidel’ Teens

The Islamic State has called for attacks on teenagers playing sports in parks, among other “infidels” in non-Muslim lands.

The terror organization made the call in the premier issue of its new magazine, Rumiyah, published in several languages, including English, Turkish, French and Russian. Rumiyah, which means Rome was chosen as the name of the magazine because, in the Islamic State’s words, “Rasulallah [prophet of Allah – Muhammed, the founder of Islam] heralded the Islamic conquest of Rome in end times. We ask our God to enable us to conquer this district and Konstantiniyye [Istanbul] which will be conquered before Rome.”

  • Jim Horne

    Good luck with that strategy in Texas.
    Two reasons why it probaby won’t work.
    ● Open Carry
    ● Conceal Carry

  • Dana Garcia

    Yep, brave Muslims are urged to attack children smaller and weaker than themselves, as if they need encouragement.

    • Gary

      Behold the Master-Race blessed by allah and destine to rule the Earth by sharia in a jew/gay -Free World. Right , I’m shaking in boots that the welfare parasites followers of islam in Canada are somehow brave warriors for allah and would want to take over Canada and end the Welfare State where they’ll have to work or starve.
      The FREE Education to G-12 along with FREE health care would end because Canada is taking in the islamic dregs the other Nations want to get rid of which means that it will be just another islamic hell-hole with terrorism and civil wars.
      Our brain dead Politicians , like Justin , think that nothing will change when muslims are the majority. But we have a real-time example at two Public schools where muslims became the majority and demanded a Halal compliant Lunchroom and a Mosque on Friday for prayers.

      The treasonous weasels in the Liberal Party of Ontario , plus Barbara Hall, broke the Law under the Education Act to show favour to one faith over all others and allowed the jew-hating homophobic anti-west Mini-Mosque in the Toronto Valley Park public school as well as the Teston Road Public School in Maple.

      These victims of sloth will bankrupt Canada from within as ordered in the quran. It now makes sense for why Paul Martin and Justin’s dad hid their wealth outside of Canada to avoid Taxes and to have a lifeboat once Liberal destroy Canada to make it a 3rd world sh*t-hole soon to be run by 10th century knuckle dragging savages that worship their wife-beat war lord pedophile .

      • mobuyus

        In a majority islamic state the fly soon becomes the National Bird.

    • Millie_Woods

      Nice cat you’ve got there. Shame if something was to happen to it.

  • bob e

    check out edl radio for 9/11/2016. we had a girl who was “groomed”
    by a filthy Paki rape gang when she was 11 or 12 years old. her husband
    explains what took place & the relationship they had with the CPS .
    She can barely discuss the events.

  • bob e

    Hillary may know she is going to loose the election & this sickness business
    may be a grand deception to evoke sympathy so when Mr Trump takes over
    he won’t fry her ass & feed her to the chinee with bamboo shoots

  • Millie_Woods

    Boy, have they ever came down. By spring they’ll be demanding we name a cereal named after them.

  • Shebel

    Come ahead—attack us all you want—