Hill Clinton, Commander in Chief, collapses at 9-11 memorial

A friend sends this vid of her collapse, suggests watching it full screen (before it is removed). Cannot now find it on YouTube.

Here’s another one, as long as it lasts at YouTube:

Just think, Commander in-Chief …

Reality check: If Americans cannot have more of this, they are over.

Watching the fulminating righteousness against anyone who wonders whether she should be in a hospital rather than the Oval Office is bound to be fun.

Added: This tells us everything we need to know about the crossroads the Americans face:  The big story isn’t now that Clinton called huge numbers of law-abiding Americans “deplorables”  (whom she will be free to Fix later if she wins) but that even her health is seriously in question.

Bu then people want Free Stuff from the government very, very badly today…