For the Good of My Country…

My fellow Americans.

By now many of you have seen video of my episode at the 9/11 Memorial…

  • Brett_McS

    Nice try, but not even taken in for a micro-second.

  • SDMatt

    For the good of my country. . .

    Six words Hillary Rodham Clinton will never say nor feel the urge to say. She’s in it for herself.

  • lolwut?

    No way, I wanna see a complete meltdown on National TV during the debates.

    • Jay Currie

      I am with you there. I wrote what Hilly should be writing not what I think will happen. So, assuming the “antibiotics” work, fun awaits us at the end of the month.

      • Zaba

        nice job on that piece;
        she oughta use it…and pay you handsomely!

        • Jay Currie

          I am all in favour of that!

      • Shebel

        It is strange. I cannot imagine Hillary becoming President. Insane .
        My whole frigging Family cannot imagine anyone being stupid enough to elect TRUMP.

        • Zaba

          With ya on the family thing.
          But then I’ve been a black sheep for years and years…..

        • Helenbperry3

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        • Clink9

          Because Obama voters were genius.

      • Norman_In_New_York

        Wishful thinking. The campaign is likely to become “Weekend At the Clintons.”

        • Zaba

          “Weekend At the Clintons.”

          Until she’s fired, eh?

  • Linda1000

    She just looks so weird in so many pictures. I don’t think one has to even photo shop or enhance her bizarre expressions anymore. I really doubt if she is healthy enough to be POTUS because it takes too much mental and physical stamina which she just doesn’t have anymore.

    • mobuyus

      Body doubles maybe? If there is a pool of Women ugly enough for the degrading assignment.

      • Shebel

        I hope that she is able to run the course .

  • Shebel

    Hillary is a bit like Justin.
    She is not there for America .
    Justin is not here for Canada.
    The People are worth one vote each.
    And that is ALL they are worth.

    • jack burns

      Well to the democrats they are worth up to 5 votes each, weather permitting.

      • Clausewitz

        That’s why Democrats love bussing.

  • Shebel

    I wonder what their Vision is —–

  • jack burns

    I have to admit that I really enjoyed that Funky Chicken thing she did before getting loaded into the van. With moves like that she could have made it onto Soul Train.

  • Chris Dunn

    #WeekendatHillarys is pretty funny in a macabre way.

  • simus1

    Poor thing.
    Granma Clinton tried to end it all by throwing herself under the stationary beautiful black body transport vehicle.

  • lgeubank

    I saw a still of the Secret Service personnel grooming Hillary before the event: