David Warren, hillbillies, and white trash

From David Warren at at The Catholic Thing

For as long as I can remember, malice towards America’s “white trash” has been socially acceptable. Humans being what we are, it has usually taken the form of transference. Malice is the quality projected upon them, by sophisticates of both Left and Right.

It is worth studying the tone of current media depictions of “Trump supporters,” to gain an insight into the prejudices once directed, quite unselfconsciously, towards poor “African Americans,” and “Native Americans” – now protected behind the euphemistic walls of political correctness.

But you can still say what you want about the white trash, and their failure to embrace the “American dream,” or otherwise flourish. Though perhaps for not much longer.More.

Reality check: Actually, societies driven by identity, grievance, and shakedown politics tend to need some groups that are permanently okay to trash and white trash is certainly one of them. So I think they will stay where they are in the social esteem stakes. Behaviour that, practised within other groups, would be justified by that group’s oppression is attributed to the white trash’s degeneracy and malice. Bubba,get a job.

See also: JK Rowlings attacked for not making Sirius Black gay. Progressives seek and need control of the arts as well, as in Eastern Europe in the past century.