Danish school starts separating students by ethnicity: As migrant pupil numbers reach 80% teachers act to make sure ethnic Danes aren’t outnumbered in classes

A Danish school has come under fire for separating students into different classes by ethnicity in a bid to prevent ethnic Danes being outnumbered.

The Langkaer upper secondary school outside the city of Aarhus said its first-year students had been divided into seven different classes, out of which three classes had a 50 percent limit on the number of ethnic minority students.

The remaining four classes consisted only of students from an immigrant background.

  • Segregation is all the rage now. It’s like we’re entered a cultural time warp.

    • BillyHW

      Can we go back to before the 19th Amendment?

  • mauser 98

    wonder what George would say

  • B__2

    In those four classes, is it further divided up into two classes of males and two classes of temptress females so that they can be separated from corrupting the male immigrants and causing them to have ‘sexual emergencies’?

    Of course if they are ME refugees, this might be three classes for males and one class for females. If there are three classes for males, then do they have one class for ‘boys’ without beards, one class for ‘boys’ with beards and the remaining for ‘boys’ with long grey beards, or suffer prostate problems, alzheimers, or arterial sclerosis?

  • Gary

    Toronto is about 50% non-Canadian background and about to be 51% non-white.
    Hmmmmmm, how odd that the crimes and homicide rates are high while Welfare ghettos are now the norm. Gee, what changed in Canada since the 1960’s because the Vis-Min rate was 2% and now it’s only about 10% .
    How nice that 40% of the white people have been pushed out of Toronto or that it’s been flooded with 3rd world people in 50 shades of brown that have their own ghettos.

    China and India seem to have done well, but Blacks have f’d up every where they go just like islam ruins every where it goes to bring poverty and wars.

  • Alain

    Actually not a bad idea unless you don’t have a problem with real students having to share a class room with 30 to 40 year-olds.

  • xavier

    Well if they were mideast Christians or Yezdis then this wouldn’t happen.