Black man from Florida is shot and killed by police for refusing to drop pocket knife while eating fried chicken in his own backyard after cops were called by his sister to defuse argument with her daughter


Just so you’ll have a heads-up for the next #BLM outrage party.

  • k2

    OK, I know I’m probably going to get flack for this, but … come on, he refused to put down a pocket knife and they shoot him six times in the back? WTF! If (and I know it’s a big “if”) the description of the incident as outlined in the DM article is accurate, then something sure looks wrong about the police conduct in this instance. I hope the truth comes out.

    • Blacksmith

      Yeah, at first pass it looks pretty bad. I don’t know any more than the article said I sure hope the truth does come out. There have been many times the truth is quite different than the first article noted.

      • 1. ‘Leave me alone,’ Frazier is reported to have replied.

        2. Soon after, both of the deputies opened fire and killed him

        I think something probably occurred between ‘leave me alone’ and ‘soon after’.

        • FactsWillOut

          Regardless, a man is free to juggle chainsaws and machetes in his own yard, and the police have no business telling him to stop, much less to shoot him when he exercises his 4A rights and refuses to obey the cops unconstitutional order.

          • True. I am simply suggesting that something – we do not know what – happened between exhibits 1 and 2.

            There are bad cops, certainly. But right now police officers have extra reason to be worried about their personal safety when encountering an agitated black person – and the government/MSM/ leftist rabble rousers are to blame.

          • Blacksmith

            While what you say is true about juggling chainsaws as far as I know, why do you need a ‘pocket knife’ to eat chicken wings? Sounds fishy to me.

          • Blacksmith

            If the cops were called by the woman doesn’t that give them the right to be there? If not then what were they supposed to do when called stay out on the street?

        • Blacksmith

          NO! Say it isn’t so!

        • Slickfoot

          And one of the omissions might be his alcohol content… When I drink I get all full of peace love and understanding, but I’ve found that not everyone is like that.

          • That crossed my mind for a moment too.

    • canminuteman

      I agree, but the same cops would also likely have shot you or me in the same circumstances, so it’s not a black/white thing.

  • FactsWillOut

    “Do you have a warrant to be on my property?”

    Sounds to me like the cops were violating the 4A when they shot him.

    • Blacksmith

      If they were called by the woman then I believe they were not violating any rights. If they were then how does it work? You call the cops to your place but they can’t come on to help you? I am seriously asking, not trying to start an argument.

  • And for those who say “It was just a pocket knife” I ask: how long is the blade on a box cutter?