As ‘anti-Canadian’ as four drowned bodies in a car

Much hostile language has ensued over Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch’s unwillingness to back down from a controversial survey to party members asking whether refugees and would-be immigrants should be vetted for “anti-Canadian values.”

One key Conservative, Toronto government-relations consultant Chad Rogers, called it “dog-whistle politics,”and tweeted that Leitch, herself, “should be screened for Canadian values.”

Well then, let’s whistle for some of those dogs that might cause concern among most Canadians.

  • Mr_bigstuff

    Why is it that when anybody speaks up for Canadian values and dares to suggest that we actually try to determine if a refugee claimant may actually be what we want there is a great backlash from the smug outrageously overpaid trained seals who supposedly speak for us all? The liberals in particular are so quick to jump on anything that is good for Canada they have lost sight of the fact that they too are Canadians- I cannot believe these liberal dirtbags can look at themselves in the mirror – To sell out ones country for a gold plated pension and a place at the trough is shameful – Three cheers for Bonokoski one of the few MSM columnists that tells it like it is and is not afraid to ruffle feathers –

    • It is never about genuine concern over racism, it is about control via the demonizing of opposition.

    • I don’t understand why this would be controversial other than implementation.

      People who don’t like Jews will make bad neighbours.

      Enough said.

  • Liberals don’t let honor killings override their PC fantasies.

  • Jake Martin

    I wish the Con’s would elect O’Leary in as leader so we can vote him in as PM. Then him and Trump can clean up the immigration mess JT is dumping on us.

    • O’Leary would favour immigration, in fact increase it I suspect. His is is an elitist agenda.

      • moraywatson

        Agreed. Not an O’Leary fan at this point. Too politically correct.

  • moraywatson

    If you are not anti-totalitarian you do not share Canadian values. That needs to be the base-line test.

  • Morticiaa

    I think what we should all do is let all the journalists get together at a conference
    And then decide everything and just tell all the voters what to do, how to think and who to vote for in all elections. They could organize a charity to cover incentives to the public and perhaps device sanctions as they sort of do now, like promoting
    Concepts like islamophobia, racism etc. And demanding legislation to stamp out all critical thought or focus on presenting facts.

  • occupant 9

    Other than the beyond obvious that post 911 their should have been …

    1. Cessation of all immigration of Mohammedans, not the acceleration that Harper promoted or the steroids given to the family reunification programs.
    2. Full and honest disclosure of Islam and the history of conquest that 911 is a part of. The idea that “Islam is a religion of peace” would be a measure of treason and/or insanity. Most of the immigrants from Eastern Europe, mine included, came here to escape the rule of czars, landlords AND sultans. We call where we came from the “old country” meaning we’ve moved on, literally.
    3. Closure of all mosques and pro-Mohammedan organizations and lobbies as a result of point 2 making the obvious obvious.
    4. Deportations of known agitators.
    5. Application of Reverse Sharia to Mohammedans to inspire them to move to more friendly environs. This would demonstrate beyond any doubt that we, as a civilization are intent on preserving it, and we are fully aware and undeceivable.

    Now to the article. The thing that still prevents us from securing our nation for our children is the following delusion embedded in the second graf:

    “Let’s remind those offended by Leitch’s proposal of a certain Afghan
    immigrant named Mohammad Shafia who was so appreciative of the
    sacrifices by Canadian troops to free his country of the Taliban that,
    in 2009, he drowned his three young daughters in the Rideau Canal near

    Perhaps he should have been screened beyond his considerable wealth
    with questions that might possibly have exposed his twisted
    interpretation of Islam that tarnish all Muslims
    , as well as his
    “anti-Canadian values.”

    15 years on, even our so-called conservative intelligenstia hasn’t read the Koran, Suras or aHadiths, otherwise he’d never be able to ever again say such a self-stupid comment with such authority.

  • Waffle

    Mr. Rogers heard the dog-whistle in his neighbourhood. My question is, who’s blowing smoke up his fat ass?

  • tom_billesley

    “Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right.”
    (Isaac Asimov)