A Party of Liars

That Hillary Clinton cannot help lying is beyond cavil. Her claim to the FBI that she took the capital “C” on documents to be indication of paragraph ordering, even where no “A’s” or “B’s” were to be found, will surely rank as the funniest of her fabulations, while simultaneously undermining her claim to be the experienced and knowledgeable candidate.

What is less noticed is that President Obama is no mean fabulist himself. (He has admitted that many of the characters in his autobiographies are, in fact, composites).

That is not to say that the two lie for the same reasons. She lies because she has no choice if she wishes to cover up her other unsavory behavior. Chronic lying is not her biggest character flaw. Rather it is the result of her greed and lust for power, and the willingness to do pretty much anything to sate those desires.