2016 Rio Paralympics: Algeria women’s goalball team runs away from Jews

2016 Rio Paralympics: Algeria women’s goalball forfeit sparks Aussie outrage

Belief is Algeria used a bogus claim of flight trouble to skip out on the clash with Israel, meaning they also missed their opening-round match against the USA.

  • Middle Englander

    This is Islam being as Islam is. The Paralympics, planet Earth and the species Homo sapiens sapiens are all far better off without the presence of this peculiar entity composed of socially retarded evolutionary throwbacks.

    So, rest, rejoice, and be thankful despite the fact that they have chosen to sully the essential ethos of the games because they have clearly defined themselves for all to see and that is a gift beyond price for a rational world.

  • DMB

    What the hell is goal ball?

    • Brett_McS

      Something like blind cricket I imagine. The ball is noisy so can be tracked by hearing.