White Guilt Matters – BLM has become a prop for white, Western self-loathing

I’m starting to think Black Lives Matter UK is a Greenpeace front. Since this lame spin-off of the US anti-police-violence group arrived on the identity-politics scene, it seems to have focused almost exclusively on airports. In August, its activists blocked the M4 outside Heathrow, stopping ordinary people from going on their holidays under the banner of protesting against the ‘crisis’ of state racism. Today, it turned its ire on London City Airport, when nine BLMers chained themselves to the tarmac and sent the departure board into meltdown. And, this time round, they’re not even pretending to be angry about the police. ‘Climate crisis is a racist crisis’, was the slogan of today.

  • barryjr

    Who says blacks can’t be racist.Look at all of them that painted their faces white to mock European Americans.

  • Editor

    Poster girls for “If you don’t believe in something, you’ll fall for anything”. Considering they look 18-19 but act like 13 year olds, I blame their parents.

    • lolwut?
      • Editor

        Yes! Dave Cullen at Computing Forever. Love his stuff. And he didn’t shy away from one of the leftist/feminist sacred cows in this one. Daycare. Takes guts. I think the most vitriol I ever received for a post was on one of the Mommy forums when I commented “I sub-contract stuff like my vinyl siding, not the care, nurturing and education of my Son.” It didn’t go over too well.

  • BillyHW
  • Jay Currie

    If I was a black American (or Brit) I would be so pissed at the appropriation of my lunatic ideas by a bunch of white do-gooders.

    • Millie_Woods

      If we were smart we’d use this to turn blacks against the environmental movement. Although I’m pretty sure the ‘environmentalists’ would cave as soon as the blacks called them out.

  • eMan14

    I don’t loathe being white. I don’t apologize for being white. I certainly don’t see any privileged associated with being white.
    Stop whining if you are not white. Stop making excuses for yourself. Get out there and make a difference. Work for it.

    • Editor


    • barryjr

      These days all I see is attempted oppression of whites

    • Although, a healthy-looking sun tan is nice from time to time.

      • And I think that’s why they got the guy from Portugal as a stand-in (orange toque on the far right):

      • eMan14