The bed store that advertised a 9/11 sale has closed ‘indefinitely’


Miracle Mattress in San Antonio, Texas, decided to publicise a sale by linking it to the 15th anniversary of the terrorist attack that brought down the Twin Towers.

In the video, two men fall backwards onto two piles of mattresses, knocking them down, while a woman screams.

  • G

    stupidity? Yes, of course, but you forgot to mention greed. Shove your mattresses up your fat ass.

  • simus1

    Texas sales people are mostly descended from unsuccessful horse thieves.

  • Slickfoot

    Adult supervision was lacking here.

    • lolwut?

      That’s the daughter of the owner.

      • Alain

        Oh my.

  • ntt1

    Home made commercials can be dangerous if you suffer from low IQ. here is the proof. Most of the time they are just cheesy car commercials shown late at night to mostly brain dead viewers.but every now and then blind ambition rears its head. this is the result.