On 15th Anniversary Of 9/11, Al-Qaeda Leader Al-Zawahiri Urges Mujahideen To Focus On Targeting U.S., Incites Black Christians Against U.S. And Calls Them To Islam


Following in the footsteps of terror-tied Islamic groups like CAIR and ISNA, Muslim terror groups overseas are working hard to co-opt the African-American civil rights narrative and exploit racial division.

  • Ed

    Oh ya, because blacks are highly regareded in islam. Arabs and blacks are a model of interacial respect and cooperation. Why, in Saudi Arabia, blacks enjoy the highest status imaginable!

    • Slickfoot

      Yeah, I saw an advert for a slave by a Saudi on Twitter listed as black, neutered, good health with papers… Like he was selling a horse.

  • mobuyus

    Well if they were looking for hapless dupes they’ve hit the jackpot.