John Derbyshire: Has the Clintocalypse already happened?


If you can’t be bothered tuning in from 17:22-24:50, start at 20:15 and keep listening ’till you have to pause it and run it through your head a few times.

  • Dana Garcia

    More like a silent surrender than a coup. Republicans have been worse than useless.

  • The “Mulatto Mafia”? Pretty damning stuff.

    • The word “mulatto”? Meh. I wouldn’t use it, but it doesn’t seem like a really hateful word to me. Old-fashioned more than anything. The fact that Derb’s noticed that a handful of Valerie Jarretts have made out well in the last few years? Doesn’t peg my outrage-ometer.

      I’d actually forgotten about “mulatto mafia” when I posted this.

      • I’ve called Obama a “Mulatto” before, but simply as a point of fact. He’s not the first Black U.S. President, he’s the first Mulatto President. He is neither African nor Caucasian — he’s exactly 50% of each. Hence Mulatto from a racial/anthropological perspective.

        Although I can understand if someone is offended by it — it “sounds” like a denigrating term although it is anthropologically accurate. Bottom line for me is all these racial categorizations are silly these days especially in the West — because of generations of admixture and intermarriage most of us are mongrels to some degree. The idea of “racial purity” is increasingly ridiculous.

        Btw, I remember an excellent essay from U. by Pico Iyer about the “mongrelization” of the world. Couldn’t find the essay, but here’s Iyer’s Wiki entry for what it’s worth:

        • Blacksmith

          I had heard from several stories that obama is only 1/4 black. His father was half black, half arab, his mother white. This presumes his father is as stated the african one, not some of the other theories.

          • Interesting if true. Because Arabs are in fact classified Caucasian — and rather (ie extremely) proud of their racial “superiority”.

          • Blacksmith

            Yup, that makes him seriously mulatto if true.

  • Brett_McS

    I have searched but have yet to find a reference to a British comedy skit I heard a long time ago based on the idea of listening to an American shortwave radio broadcast (perhaps during WWII) called “Hern radio hern” because “a hern, ahern hern, hern …” was all that came through. So I call Derb’s show “Derb radio derb” in its honour.