Gurka-Burka, Burkini, and other wordplay is Islamophobic


All progressive humanity should henceforth abstain from all kinds of humor, puns, spoonerisms, malapropisms, and other forms of wordplay, which by default are offensive to the ever increasing Islamic community, whose culture denounces jokes as bold-faced lies and mandates a strictly literal interpretation of any statement lest the author be accused of blasphemy and executed.

  • That’s not a cucumber!

  • morticiaa

    If islamophobic and you know it
    Clap your Hands
    If youre islamophobica and you know it
    Clap your Hands
    If youre islamophobic and you know it
    And youre not afraid to show it
    If youre isllamophobic and you know it
    Gosh I am sure there are lots of verses
    i could teach my grandkids to sing in the
    school yard while skipping
    if thats allowed today, I mean the skipping
    and other fun games