Facebook Censors Page Warning of Sharia Law

An anti-Sharia law project with Minnesota roots is the target of censorship as Facebook pulled a video from the “Should America Fear Sharia?” page last week.

The video in question is 45-seconds long and claims to depict Muslims throwing homosexuals off of a rooftop in Libya. Over the course of the video, four people are thrown from a four story building. A resounding smack can be heard as they hit the ground, followed by chants of “Allah Akbar.”

  • Dave

    It seems the “American Jew” (as a group) have a death wish.

    • Just the lefties.

    • Alain

      They are JINOs whose religion is leftism/socialism or just plain communism.

  • Blacksmith

    I keep praying for a fakebook alternative. I set up an account years ago as a way to promote my business and keep in touch with friends but I avoid it as much as possible. I keep hearing about alternatives but they never seem to materialize.