Dangerous beauty…

The stretch of road between Killar and Kishtar in the Jammu and Kashmir region of India, through the Pangi Valley, is regarded as one of the most dangerous stretches in the world. This Indian motorcyclist took his small Honda Activa on it, and the footage is incredibly tense, as the vehicle passes along a tiny road overlooking a massive drop.

  • Dana Garcia

    How long did it take to build that road? Awesome scary!

    • Wally Keeler

      and how many died building it

    • Slickfoot

      That kind of road is a work in progress, every time it rains parts of it need repairing.

  • Wally Keeler

    Go thru a check point and drive down Mirae Scientist Street asking for directions to a pizza joint in Pongyang. https://youtu.be/xVHPOCAlBG4,
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  • Justin St.Denis

    When in doubt, never take the long way home…..

  • Jessiemac

    All I see in the video is the fact that in India they are too stupid and too incompetent to build a safe and decent road. Nothing new about that.