A racist behind every tree: That’s how our elites see Canada

With two national polls showing the vast majority of Canadians support federal Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch’s call for screening potential immigrants for anti-Canadian values, the real issue is this.

Why is an idea so popular with the public so unpopular among what the great American conservative thinker Thomas Sowell describes as those who consider themselves society’s “anointed”?

That is, self-proclaimed “wise elites”, who believe it is their role to protect Canadians from their own opinions.

This not only includes Liberal and NDP politicians, but many Conservative leadership candidates, along with media pundits and academics.

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  • DMB

  • Ron MacDonald

    He’s one big screw-up…

  • Waffle

    We’re so f***ked. Wake me up when the revolution starts.

    • Correction: “counter-revolution”. We are already in the middle of a Marxist-Islamist revolution.

      Soy contra, Patria libre o morir!

  • A far greater majority of Canadians — from coast to coast to coast across Party lines — were in favour of the niquab ban during the Canadian citizenship swearing-in ceremony. Nothing in our Charter or Constitution, or Judicial precedence in history, would support the hiding of one’s identity from the public like that while swearing allegiance to Canada and becoming a fellow member of the Canadian family. Nevertheless, a non-citizen Muslim successfully sued the Canadian Government to impose a foreign Sharia law that often isn’t even practiced in its country of origin.

    Need I say more? As I’ve stated before, ALL of our institutions are under totalitarian control, including the Judiciary.

    • Will Quest

      The crass effrontery of suggesting potential Canadian immigrants should be screened for ” anti-Canadian-Values ” is an example of jaw-dropping Canadian xenophobia ! This type of bigotry has the libertine-progressives reaching for the smelling salts and clutching at their pearls . Such blatant intolerance needs to be prohibited , it’s blasphemous to the multi-cultural commandment of absolute moral/cultural/spiritual relativism , & all need to genuflect at that “progressive” altar……….. CAPICHE ?

      • Capisco ma io non accetto.

        • Will Quest

          Sorry ricardojaime , I could not find the sarc icon ~!?!

  • Slickfoot

    Here we are finishing up eight years of having a tone deaf petulant clown running things… And now Canada has what could be just as big a disaster…
    What did we do to deserve such embarrassment?

  • So – when are Canadians going to gather what is left of their self-respect and challenge Hair-Boy on the street?

    Do they believe that they are racists because he says so?

    By the way, these polls seems dreadfully opposite to the polls that suggest Trudeau is doing a fabulous job and that everything is going right with this country.

    • Will Quest

      Our red-hot little potato……………………

  • BillyHW
    • H

      Kenney is a little dhimmi – I think he’s more than proved that over the years. He can’t be trusted.

  • Jay Currie

    I am surrounded by trees, tens of thousands of trees.

    Have not found the evil racist yet but I am still looking.