57% Of Liberal Party Members Revealed To Be Racists Who Favour Screening Immigrants For Anti-Canadian Values

Canadians favour screening would-be immigrants for ‘anti-Canadian’ values, poll shows

A new Forum Research Inc. poll for the Star shows that Leitch may be tapping into an idea that Canadians favour with 67 per cent saying immigrants should indeed be screened for “anti-Canadian values.”

More importantly for Leitch, the poll shows that the idea is especially popular among Conservative supporters with 87 per cent backing the idea and just 8 per cent opposed compared to 57 per cent support among Liberals and 59 per cent for New Democrat voters.

Luv’n It;)

  • I watched CHCH TV news (Hamilton) for the first time in a long time yesterday. The report on Justin featured his stylish choices in clothing — slobbering all over the guy like he’s a Demi-god.

    Very sad. Because like TVO once was (until the Wynne regime), CHCH was in fact one of the few local Media outlets that was still politically objective. The Progressive Left in Canada isn’t satisfied with control over the three largest National Media networks — CBC, CTV and Global — they are taking control of small local Media as well. I’ve been warning of this for years — the intentions of the Left are totalitarian and the proof is in the pudding.

    Point being (in relation to the post) it matters little even if 99% of Liberals support screening against violent totalitarian ideologues, the fact is the totalitarians already have control of most of the institutions in this country. And with every Canadian Media as their propaganda outlet how can the totalitarians possibly fail?

    • All that ass licking has ensured I pay even less attention to Canada’s MSM.

    • mauser 98

      CHCH has much financial trouble of late…makes one wonder

      • Something’s going on (as “the Donald” would say). With Bloomberg News hosted by the former CBC’s Amanda Lang featured in large segments of CHCH there may have been a recent takeover, at least ideologically.

        Haven’t followed it too closely and don’t know much about the politics of Bloomberg (although Amanda Lang was a progressive CBC lap-dog for many years).

    • andycanuck

      I’m sorry to hear that about CHCH News—not that I have been watching it lately but I used to.

      And It was a long time ago but I loved the Tom Cherington “No Bull” debate show before his untimely death.

      I knew CTV had been taken over by the Left in Eric Malling’s final year fronting W5—all the stories suddenly had a liberal bent when before that they had often been about government incompetence; then CFTO 6:00 news went down the crapper (officially when the black woman was made a full-time anchor—I still haven’t see a show she’s been in where she didn’t make a pronunciation error).

    • DMB
      • Wow quite the tangled mess. And “Square Off” seemed to set the tone of free speech and objectivity for the other shows, but it was dumped. Not surprised that the marxist UNIFOR is somehow in the middle of all this but who knows.

  • ontario john

    The media and political elites hate it, when the peasants are asked what they think. Another example is Clinton calling the millions of Trump supporters as racists, islamophobes, and homophobes.

  • mauser 98

    great Justine pic!!! yuuuge!

    • Glad you like it.

      • DVult

        Whatever test they come up it should be given to Dumbeau first.

  • V10_Rob

    A clear majority of Canadians in favor of it, and the pols are STILL terrified of touching it.

    • Because they all support the same things, mass immigration that fragments society and provides them a “grateful” voter base, free trade treaties that overwhelmingly favour the rich at our expense, vote whoring multiculturalism etc etc etc.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    I am a news junkie, but I can detect the ass kissing,as I believe the majority can. (How cum they voted for Justine?) The progressives think your stupid. Kelly Lietch is on the right track. Stick with it Kelly! Win or lose.